Biker Jacket Sew-along and Prizes

Happy Friday! Want to start your weekend on a good note? I’m so excited about this, I can’t sit still to type more than a few words at a time. I hope you’ll join me… BurdaStyle Academy is having a sew-along to make a biker type jacket. But this isn’t your average sew-along (SAL). This […]

Corset Sewing with Scarlett and a Sweet Valentine Treat

I did something idiotic (surprising no one). 18 months ago, when I was getting my corset ready for the First Annual Canada Cups Blog Tour, I poked around the internet looking for tidbits to fill in the gaps of my knowledge. When in doubt, gather more intel. One corsetry course (and reassurance from the Fairy […]

Mom’s Wedding Dress

The Universe is messing with me, and that ish is not funny! Well, not that funny… yet. Let’s go all the way back to last May so I can tell you what happened… My cousins in Jamaica invited my parents (his aunt and uncle) to their daughter’s wedding to take place in November. Yes, November. […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you who follow the Gregorian calendar! Happy 2018 to all! May you learn from the past, live in the present and plan for the future. And may your dreams begin or continue to come true.  Raise a glass of cheer to your health, wealth, peace, love and kindness! Don’t […]

The Gift List

The last two weeks, I’ve been doing some half-hearted research on gifts that would make a sewist or fibre artist happy. Why was I doing it? How did it get me to do so many other jobs I’d been avoiding? And what has become of it? A holiday gift list is a smart thing to […]

Ultimate Handmade Bundle

So… 3 years ago, I signed up as an affiliate for this thing called Ultimate Bundles. And then I promptly forgot all about it; I just couldn’t figure out how it works. You know how sometimes the simplest things make no sense to you until you empty your brain? I woke up this morning with […]

Global Tour with ChrisW Designs — Winners

Mind Blown! Wow, WOw, WOW!! When I asked my dear readers to nominate a friend to win a pattern, I had no idea you guys would make it so <bleep>ing hard for me to choose. I had to take an extra day to deliberate. There were at least 10 of you I wanted to give […]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Everything in Between

If you were awake during the first half of 2016 and read anything deeper than your cereal box, you probably came across an article or editorial about the benefits of spending your money on experiences instead of things. And this is the season for spending money! It seems everybody and their gramps, from Land’s End […]

Global Tour with ChrisW Designs — Docked

Good News! The big giveaway of exciting sponsored prizes is now open! Skip to the entry below right away, or you could keep reading for another chance to win a pattern for you and a friend. Bad News This world cruise is over. Please make sure you have all your personal belongings, and disembark in […]

ChrisW Global Bag Tour

Have you heard about it? We’re having a blog tour full of ChrisW Designs handmade handbags. I’m afraid we (the bloggers) again went ahead with sewing shenanigans without you. But you can still get on board. Just pop over to read my guest post on the ChrisW blog. All aboard!! Cheers!   Tour Discounts ChrisW […]

Canada Cups — Giveaway Winners

And the winners, drawn randomly by Rafflecopter, are: a Rafflecopter giveaway Congratulations, everyone! And thank you all for joining us on the tour! Giveaway Prizes A bra kit from Atelier Fiber Arts and Abrakdabra A bralette kit or scuba print from Bra-Makers Supply A bralette kit from Braphoria A pattern from Chelsea C Designs A Sophie swimsuit […]

Canada Cups — Giveaway Extended for One More Day

We’ve given you slowpokes one more day to get over to the giveaway and enter to win. And while we were at it, we also added one extra entry, so if you’ve already entered, you have one more easy chance to win. Giveaway closes at 11:59 EDT tonight (Monday). Also… Because we forgot to include Libelle […]

Canada Cups — Unwired Tour Giveaway

Now that the tour has rolled to a close and our bloggers have bared all, I’m sitting here wondering why on earth did we all made sexy, lacy lingerie instead of knitting long johns and thermal underpants, as would be appropriate for the winter season coming up. Yes, it’s going to be cold and brutal […]

Canada Cups — Going Bralettes

When I first met Linda Crawford of Uplift Custom Bras during our First Annual Canada Cups tour, I took to her immediately. She is a fellow aristocat of Crazy Catladyship. Linda practises her bra-craft in Burlington, Ontario. And you know what? I’m thrilled to kitty bits to have her guest posting on my blog today. […]

Canada Cups — Unwired Tour

They’ve been taking selfies in their knickers again. Yes, those crazy Canadians are back at it, but this time they’re going soft-core. 😉 That’s right! We’re unwired and we’re showing off self-supporting soft cup patterns from all Canadian designers. Mmm-hmmm! We left out those little pokey bits that always seem to escape from their holders […]

Hey! Wash Where You’re Going!

To pre-wash or not to pre-wash? This question comes up almost daily in beginner sewing forums and chat groups. Everybody’s looking for a definitive answer that will close the case for good. So here I come to tell you: Wash where you’re going! A good general rule of thumb is to do with it whatever it […]

Make Do and Mend — a New Generation

Someone shared this article in one of my Facebook groups a couple of years ago, and I saved the link because it makes some interesting points: “The art of repairing clothes was being lost, but with half a million taking up sewing in the last year, a whole new generation is picking up the thread…” The […]

UFO Sightings

“Out of sight; out of mind.” … Hardly! My UFOs (Unfinished Objects) have been out of sight, but certainly not out of mind. At least not until I get rid of them somehow. That reminds me of some trivia I have stored in the back of my mental cave. There’s a little thing called the Zeigarnik […]

Jeans Demystified

For the last 4 or 5 years, Craftsy has been my go-to place for learning sewing and crafting. But still, I like to sample someone else’s goodies every now and then. So when I got wind of a new online learning platform, Craft University Online (or CraftU), I had to go there. You know I […]

Canada 150 — Ooh-La-La: Winner

Hello ladies, I just wanted to say thank you all so much for reading the post, and Marsha for letting me guest -blog. I hope this blog tour has inspired everyone to go out there and try something new, making new bags, buy and stash more gorgeous fabrics, look for and design more beautiful bag […]

Canada 150 — In the Bag: Winners

Exclusive Giveaway We have our lucky winner of the cork sample pack from MMCork Supply. Gina (ginals), congratulations! Main Giveaway And we also have our 16 winners from the main giveaway. Take a look to see if you are among the fortunate this time around. If you didn’t win this time, you will have more […]

Canada 150 — In the Bag: It’s a Wrap!

We may be the nice quiet neighbours, but we know how to throw a good party! I’m still half in the bag today, so forgive me if I slur my words as I thank our sponsors, our bloggers, and you, our die-hard party people. Thank you all for coming out and making this a special […]

Canada 150 — In the Bag: Popping the Cork

We’re celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial on July 1, and there’s a lot going on across the country. In fact, if you ever thought of visiting us, 2017 would be the year to do it because you can get free access to all the national parks for the entire year. Bring extra luggage because we are considered the […]

Canada 150 — Ooh-La-La

Welcome to my stop on the Canada 150 – In the Bag tour I am so grateful that Marsha lets me guest post on her blog once again. Don’t forget to check out other stops on this blog tour. I’ve just returned to Canada after spending two beautiful summer months in Australia, of which, two […]

Canada 150 — It’s in the Bag

We’ve just launched a week-long blog tour featuring all-Canadian bag pattern designers and suppliers. It all starts on Emmaline Bags this morning and continues for the next 6 days with 10 bloggers. And there are giveaways everywhere you look, from coast to coast. Join the celebration of Canada in handcrafted bags. Meet our bloggers   […]