Flash Finale Giveaway — The Great Canadian Craftsy Bag Tour


Hello again!

We’ve just barely made it home after our Craftsy escapade all across Canada. We’re unpacking our luggage and finding some great souvenirs from the trip, but it’s just too much to keep for ourselves. And because you’ve been such perfect road trip companions, we’d like to share them with you. Up for grabs are 4 coveted prize packs from our travels, as well as the special gift that Craftsy sent to us while we were gone galavanting.

Be quick about it! Giveaway closes soon.


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First up is the Craftsy gift:

This colourful tote bag kit includes the Rowan Three-Quarter Patch Tote pattern, some stunning Kaffe Fassett fabric, plus all the Pellon Fusible Fleece stabilizer you will need for the project. The only things you would have to add to this are a coordinating button, some thread and your time. Voila! You have a gorgeous tote that will be the envy of tote-al strangers. It’s almost like instant Jello pudding, only better! Follow this link to enter before midnight April 11, 2016:


Enter to WIN a tote-bag kit


The Souvenir Prizes

Prize A (Canadian, US and International entries accepted)
Prize B (Open to Canadian residents only)
Prize C (Open to Canadian residents only)
Prize D (Canadian, US and International entries accepted)


How to Enter

Sign in to Rafflecopter below, or follow this link:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Rules:

  • Prizes are awarded “as is”. No substitutions.
  • Deadline for entries is 10 AM PST on Monday, April 11.
  • Winner’s will be notified by email within 3 hours of the contest closing, and will then have 24 hours in which to respond to the organizers.
  • It is each participant’s responsibility to ensure they sign in to Rafflecopter with a valid email address, and also check their email accounts for notification.
  • Entries requiring a blog post comment, social media follow, or trivia answer will be verified using the name provided by the participant.
  • The giveaway is open to anyone worldwide. International or US residents who win a prize designated as for Canadian Residents Only may be required to pay for the additional shipping, or forfeit the prize. If said winner chooses to forfeit the prize, another winner will be chosen from the remaining eligible entries.


Many, many thanks to all the wonderful people who’ve followed us on The Great Canadian Craftsy Bag Tour. We hope you learned a little about our very large, diverse and beautiful country while you got a peek into some of our favourite Craftsy classes.

And very special thanks to the amazing, supportive people who helped make the giveaway and our graphics just that much better: Celine from Blue Calla Patterns and Elle from Brand UR Shop Graphic Design. Take a bow ladies! Prize Sponsors


Happy travels until the next time we take you tripping and traipsing!

Marsha, Janelle, Deb, Fiona, Michelle, Reece, Shelaine & Ula

I leave you now with buckets, bags and pouches of gratitude for having shared this epic adventure with us. And also with a bit of advice: If/when you visit our lovely and expansive country, please remember that unless your host says otherwise, you should remove your outdoor shoes upon entering someone’s home. Be sure to wear your clean, un-holey socks, like your mama told you. Marsha Law Sig2





  1. Skatewest says:

    What a great tour and great giveaway – thanks!

  2. Tammy Jo Halbig says:

    Great tour. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

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  6. Rena Lawrence says:

    Thank you so much, Marsha. I enjoyed reading this, and I do agree with you 100% – leave your shoes at the door. It’s just the right thing to do. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  7. Rena Lawrence says:

    Thank you so much, Marsha. I enjoyed reading this, and I do agree with you 100% – leave your shoes at the door. It’s just the right thing to do. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

  8. I loved this tour and I love your writing style. I am Following you! LOL! Thanks for the inspiration and the laughs!

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