Holy Cannoli! Because I didn’t have enough good stuff on my plate, I had to volunteer to host* this week’s DIY craft party of total awesomeness. It’s week #34 and we need to top all the yumminess we dished up during week #33. If you missed it, you can take a trip back in time to sample last week’s delights HERE. Two DIY’s will get featured in each week’s party so bloggers link ’em up, and readers follow the party bus and have fun finding new DIY inspiration!

As usual, it’s all about the pinning. (Seriously, why do you not have a Pinterest account yet?) For those of you who do have boards upon boards of delectable DIY’s that you want to try replicating, the DIY Crush craft party is the place to be every Thursday.

You bloggers! Yes, you! I’m looking straight at you. If you have an instructional post, a tutorial, or a pictorial DIY, link yourself up to this board for a little extra exposure!

You gotta play by the rules though. No hit & runs!

Please grab this image and install it on your site & link it to

DIY Crush Link Party Button

(or link to DIY Crush with a text link)

To make sure you are playing by Denise’s new “rule”, she’ll check your site before she pins your pin.

Here’s Denise to tell you more:

PLEASE spread the word about this party!!


Starting last week, we are welcoming guest hosts to join us and party along! ***if you are interested in guest hosting a week, please leave a comment! We’ll get back to you!

This week’s guest host is Marsha from Seam Of My Pants! (That’s me! I’m the life of the party!)

You can follow Marsha (me again!) here, if you don’t already:  facebook page   // twitter // pinterest  // facebook group  //  instagram

The Girl Crushers are looking for a guest host for next week’s party (#35) starting on Thursday, June 2nd. So if you are interested in hosting a bunch of roaming webbers, please leave a comment with a link to your blog and your email. Denise from DIY Crush will contact you.


Our permanent co-host is Domenica from Easy Sewing For Beginners, a blog full of tutorials, projects and videos!

Easy Sewing For Beginners | DIY Crush

Please follow your hosts:

DIY Crush: blog // facebook //twitter // pinterest // youtube // google+ // instagram

Easy Sewing For Beginners: blog // facebook // twitter // pinterest // youtube // instagram

Ok, that’s enough, Denise! I’m back…

Denise & Domenica will pin every instructional post you submit but won’t be able to comment on every post. (You know how it is!)

Check out D & D’s favourites from last week’s party:

Domenica picked this very beachy rope bag tutorial by Creative Homemaking. Who has too many bags already? Not me! And not you either.

Rope Bag Tutorial

Denise loved this one from Wesens-Art with tons of spring & summer ideas for keeping kids busy.
Spring and Summer Ideas for Kids

Ready to party now?? We started without you, I’m afraid. But you can still catch up. Let’s see what you have been cooking up in your craft zone lately! I just love Show & Tell! I insisted on skipping kindergarten and Grade 1 so I never got to Show & Tell. (I would weep for my poor childhood decisions but I gave myself permission to be a toddler all over again so I can run about the streets in my training pants if I want.)

What Can You Show Off?

  • free craft tutorials & patterns
  • pattern reviews (can include links to the pattern for purchase)
  • decoration with small list of how you did it
  • recipes for foods that are also kids friendly — no alcoholic recipes please. (Total bummer since those child intoxication laws.)
  • business/blogging tips
  • money tips for SAHM’s and WAHM’s

What You CAN’T Show Off?

  • shops
  • giveaways
  • spam sites
  • products for sale
  • adult content

///By linking up you are giving DIY Crush permission to visit your blog, pin/share images from linked up post and link back to you///

* The truth is I was bored with myself and my own Projects half-Done (PhDs) so this gave me a chance to get back into the writing flow. I think it’s working. I might go finish up a post or two now that my fingers are flying, and dinner will be making itself tonight.

See you soon!

Marsha Law Sig2



PS. I know link parties can be confusing. If anything isn’t clear, please leave a comment below and we’ll straighten you me the confusion out pronto!


  1. Thanks for guest hosting the link party with us this week! Looking forward to checking out your hacks and tutes!

    Domenica ?

    • Thanks, Domenica! I’ve been a little busy for the last two days but I’m going to check out all the links. And thank you and Denise for the opportunity!

  2. Canada = maple syrup.

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