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Here we go again!

Ironing Cats

Not exactly the recommended method of pimping your ironing board.

I had the best of intentions to write up a nice little pictorial on how to pimp out your ironing board and post it so I could join the DIY Crush link party this week. I got all the pictures I could possibly need. I have all the instructions in my head, but I haven’t written anything. Feels like I’ve spent all of June herding cats — 6 of them to be exact.

Well, since I have no DIY of my own, I’m guest hosting the party. (You know like when you have nothing in your kitchen to bring to the potluck and all the good stores are closed, but it wouldn’t matter if they were open because you only have enough money for bus fare so you show up early to help the host set up and pray all the other guests won’t realize that you came empty-handed, but then you still hope the host will give you a goody bag to take home anyway even if you didn’t bring anythin’… Or maybe that was just me during college.)

Back to the present… You’re going to impress the pants offa me with your brilliant DIY projects, right? I’ll let Denise tell you all you need to know about linking your posts and pictures. I’ll be right back!

Denise, the floor is yours…

Happy summer 2016!! We hope you will have some down time and get to rest up because this party is not stopping! As expected we will see a slower party participation because many of you might enjoy the outdoors or go on trips. But hopefully you will find some time to craft as well! Let’s see what favorites Domenica and I picked from last week. Did you see the entries? If not, see last week HERE.

We pin every instructional post you are linking up to this board which will bring you extra exposure!

Please play by our rules 🙂

Please grab this image and install it into your site & link to

DIY Crush Link Party Button

(or link to DIY Crush with a text link)

>> To make sure you are playing by my new “rule” I’ll check your site before I pin <<

PLEASE spread the word about this party!!

We are welcoming guest hosts to join us and party along! ***if you are interested in guest hosting a week, please leave a comment! We’ll get back to you!

We are looking for a guest host for party week #39, starting on Thursday, June 30. So if you are interested please leave a comment with your link to your blog and your email. I’ll contact you then.


This week’s guest host is Marsha from Seam Of My Pants! She guest hosted week #34 already!

Seam of my pants. Guest host at DIY Crush

You can follow her here: blog // facebook page //twitter // pinterest // facebook group // instagram

Our permanent co-host is Domenica from Easy Sewing For Beginners, a blog full of tutorials, projects and videos!

Easy Sewing For Beginners | DIY Crush

Please follow your hosts:

DIY Crush: blog // facebook //twitter // pinterest // youtube // google+ // instagram

Easy Sewing For Beginners: blog // facebook // twitter // pinterest // youtube // instagram

We will pin every instructional post but won’t be able to comment on every post, but if you are one of our favorites, we will comment to let you know!

Ready to see our favorites from last week’s party! Watch out belooooooow:

Domenica picked this great tutorial on how to sew a French seam from Tea and a Sewing Machine. It’s a great way of concealing raw seams on garments! Check it out!

How to sew a French seam


My favorite post from last week is this American Eagle foam board DIY. This post is from Our Peaceful Planet. This pretty décor piece will for sure be a keepsake for years to come.

American Eagle DIY

Ready to party now?? We sure are! Let’s see what you have been up to lately! It’s time to show off!

What Can You Show Off?

  • free craft tutorials & patterns
  • pattern reviews (can include links to the pattern for purchase)
  • decoration with small list of how you did it
  • recipes for foods that are also kids friendly (no alcoholic recipes please)
  • business/blogging tips
  • money tips for SAHM’s and WAHM’s

What You CANNOT Show Off:

  • shops
  • giveaways
  • spam sites
  • products for sale
  • adult content

///By linking up you are giving us permission to visit your blog, pin/share images from linked up post and link back to you///

Thank you, Denise!

(Did you all see how she was talking about me like I’m not even in the room?? 🙂 )

I better wrap this party up because I might have lost a cat or two while I was here writing. I’m going to round them up and take a headcount while you all link up. I’ll come back later to get my DIY fix from your photos and tutorials. Link away!!!

Marsha Law Sig2


  1. My dream destination is the finish line on my first quilt! Oh and Australia

  2. Tina Voth says:

    My little Miss 4 insists I tell you that she loves your cats <3 Also, great post!

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