DIY-Crush Link Party, Week 45

It’s Thursday! And you know what that means… PARTY TIME!

We’ve got a guest host this week: Annalee from The Salt Water Blog has joined us to spread some party cheer. Welcome, Annalee!

The Salt Water WifeYou can follow her here: facebook // instagram // pinterest

Let’s get on with the making (or breaking) of stuff, shall we?

À la prochaine,

Marsha Law Sig2

It’s Thursday Again and the Party is On!

As usual we had lots of sites to visit and some great projects and tutorials to peruse (True confession: I started to hate the word “peruse” when everybody thought it was a good idea to send out their résumés “… for your perusal.” … Ok, tangent over. Focus!)  They’re all still here for you to peruse as well: Week 44.

Domenica picked this free potholder tutorial from Radiant Home Studio. She explains how she decided on such a luminous blog name, plus she has lots of other great sewing/crafting inspiration. Go go see her and learn something fun.

Potholder tutorial

I’m not sure if I fell in love with this leather dog sofa tutorial by Redo It Yourself Inspirations or the gorgeous doggie. If you know me, you probably guessed it’s the dog, and you’re probably right. But honestly, the DIY project is pretty amazing and I’d make one myself if I could be trusted with power tools — or had a dog.

Leather dog sofa bed tutorial

Denise’s favourite post from last week is this Chippy Glam Dresser Makeover. She can barely contain her excitement over its beauty. Do you hear that, Lolly Jane? Denise loves your dresser!


Your turn! Comment below with which project was your fave.

Guest Hosts

It’s good to keep secrets — most of the time. This is one of those times when we really don’t mind if you tell everyone and their grandma’s custom kitchen sink about the party. Come back next week for a “heapin’ helpin’ of our hospitality.”

DIY bloggers, do you have a few extra minutes and a little bit of blog space to spare? We are always looking for guest hosts for the weekly party. Would you like to be a part of Party #46, starting on Thursday, August 18? Yes? Ok, please leave a comment with the link to your blog and I’ll contact you with details.


This Week’s Link Collection

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What is a link party?

It’s like a weekly roundup of helpful posts. Link parties like this one are a place for bloggers to share links to their posts that fit the theme. And readers who are searching for information on that theme will be able to find several resources in one place.

DIY Crush opens a new “link-up” every Thursday evening and bloggers are invited to submit their posts. Incorrigible DIYers of all sorts can find new inspiration and tutorials for their next project by checking out the posts and articles.

How does this work?

For blog readers and inspiration seekers, all you have to do is check the listings above, or go to DIY Crush each week to see what’s been added. You can also visit the Pinterest Board where we save all the links. And then off you go to replicate what you see!

For Bloggers:

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2. Grab the link to your DIY post and head down to the bottom of this post to submit your link.

Posts that are invited to the party:

  • free craft tutorials & patterns
  • pattern reviews (can include links to the pattern for purchase)
  • decoration with small list of how you did it
  • recipes for foods that are also kids friendly (no alcoholic recipes please)
  • business/blogging tips
  • money tips for SAHM’s and WAHM’s

Posts that are not welcome to this party:

  • shops
  • giveaways
  • spam sites
  • products for sale
  • adult content

3. Spread the word, any way you like. We love party crushers!

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6. The hosts and guest host each pick a favourite DIY to be featured the following week.



Guest Host

We are welcoming guest hosts to join us and party along! ***If you are interested in guest hosting a week, please leave a comment! We’ll get back to you with details.

Permanent Co-Hosts

Marsha from Seam Of My Pants, a whole new world of silly sewing and cockamamie crafting

Seam of my pants. Guest host at DIY Crush

Domenica from Easy Sewing For Beginners, a blog full of tutorials, projects and videos!

Easy Sewing For Beginners | DIY Crush


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