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Maple Skirt — Jacked & Hacked, but Still Gracious
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Deadlines will be the death of me. I set them, and relax knowing I have lots of time to get the task done. Then suddenly out of nowhere, I have mere hours left before my project is due. But it’s all fine because I’ve planned out everything in my head so just a quick execution and … right execution. That is how I go out: ambushed and executed by a deadline.

This time around, it was a skirt. I made a deal with two friends to review the same class and post on the same day. We set the date. I watched the class. But did I start the work then? Nope! I started drafting the pattern earlier this week. Here are the reasons I didn’t finish sewing my skirt:

  • I got caught up in the drafting phase and took extra time to add this and that to it. Who knew I would love drafting so much?!
  • I got to the zipper installation step and found that all those bins of zippers didn’t contain a single colour that would work.
  • The cat ate my waistband.

Somewhere under the furniture, there lurks a slimy ball of chewed turquoise fabric just waiting to pounce, so I’ll just sit here with my feet up and get on to my critique of Design and Sew an A-Line Skirt with Deborah Moebes.

FYI, Craftsy didn’t charge me for this particular class. They gave it to me eons ago, hoping I would eventually get around to writing a review.


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Whoops! Before I get into my deep thoughts, it might help if you know what kinda cockamamie idea got me in this position. My friend, Michelle who also blogs, suggested we review all the Craftsy classes we have been hoarding accumulating over the years. We would post our reviews on the same day every month.

That was meant to keep us accountable to each other and help us get through those classes before we were both celebrating our centennials (Amer.) or centenaries (Brit.) with bottle bottom glasses and our teeth on the nightstand. She recruited Naomi, and that’s how it all started. Hang with me and I’ll give you their coordinates so you can get their opinions as well. (We all know my opinion is what counts though, right? Right??)


What is Craftsy

Craftsy is, arguably, one of the best and most popular platforms for learning arts, crafts and sewing online. And that’s my totally biased, but genuine opinion. I even belong to a Facebook group for people who are in denial about their addiction to the Cracksy. The classes range from painting and photography to woodworking and metal smithing. Once you buy a class, it’s yours to keep for life. And you have anytime access to watch and review it, as long as you have internet connection. If you take a chance and buy a class and then find that you hate it, you have one month to switch it to another class or get a refund. You can’t tell me that isn’t low, almost negligible, risk!

One other thing: They’ve recently done a little reinventing and are pushing the supplies they sell. That hasn’t been going over too well with the die-hard learners like me. We don’t want to order supplies; we just wanna stuff more knowledge between our ears. Ok, now we can move on to the review…

Instructor: Deborah Moebes

I’m sure it’s her theatre background that makes her just so riveting on camera. I love her energy and how comfortable she is talking to the big glass eye. I kept forgetting that I was watching her onscreen and not in the room with her. She’s certainly not a stand-up comedian so I wasn’t LMAO but she is pretty funny and her language and easy-going style made me grin a lot.

That said, I do have a huge issue and I don’t know who’s getting demerit points for this one. Craftsy promises that the teachers are available in the forum to answer student questions, but our questions are going unanswered unless classmates jump in and help out. I’m all for the group knowledge (hive mind?) experience, but it is disappointing that we can’t interact with Deborah. Is this because she’s abandoned the class? Or did Craftsy forget to tell us that the teachers are only available for a limited time? Whatever the reason, don’t expect to get any answers or advice from Deborah outside of the video lessons.

Minor issues (read as Marsha’s Pet Peeves): It just about drove me batty that she sewed over pins — every time. Aaaaaaghhh!

Class: Design and Sew an A-Line Skirt (Did you forget already?)

As you might guess from the title, this one class covers 2 different skills—pattern drafting and sewing.

Drafting = Math! If you really and truly want to throw up at the thought of algebra and geometry lessons, keep your distance from any drafting class. If you’re only feeling a little squeamish, then go for it. The methods for calculations that Deborah uses in this class are the simplified ones so if you passed Junior High math, you’ll be fine. 


Of course simplified means it’s not perfectly accurate and it takes some fiddling and fudging. Don’t fool yourself into expecting the drafting process to be nice and neat. It’s a $%^# mess!

This looks nothing like a skirt

This looks nothing like a skirt

I did have to turn to other resources to make sense of some parts of the lessons. “Squaring Up” had me in a state of bewilderment until I revisited the drafting series on Creative Bug. Until then, I was sliding my ruler up and down, side to side, up and down again, with zero clue as to what I was hoping to accomplish.

The sewing part is really straightforward and unremarkable, except the aforementioned pins. I did use the side seam pocket template à la Liesl Gibson on Creative Bug. I just liked the shape a little better than the template included in the class material.


My overall opinion (mine and mine alone) is that this class is an excellent introduction to drafting custom garments. It’s simple enough that it isn’t intimidating, and it includes enough variations that you don’t need to hack anything. So I’d recommend this to an adventurous beginner who looks at pretty skirts in the store and says, “Pshhh, I can make that!” It also makes sense for an experienced sewist who would like to take a swipe at designing and fitting.

OPO (Other People’s Opinions)

Remember I said that there were other friends in on this adventure? Well, good for you! Because that means you can get 3 opinions before you decide to drop a few pennies on this class. Please, please and pretty please go read what my friends Michelle and Naomi have to say about the class. I’ll be reading too because I have no flippin’ idea what they thought.

Naomi’s post is here on Barely Beige and Michelle’s can be found here on Michelle’s Creations. (I keep wanting to say, “Michelle’s Brags,” but that’s an old joke from April.) Do me a huge favour and go visit them.

You know I gots nuttn but love for my readers — that’s you! I’m off to miss the next deadline. Be well.



Marsha Law Sig2

PS. Naomi is new at this, so show her some love and follow her blog.



Maple Skirt — Jacked & Hacked, but Still Gracious
Fancy Pants & Giveaway — Sis Boom Pattern


  1. Love the review. Each year I get a sewing book … I ought to look a them before going onto Craftsy.

  2. You’re darn good! I love your posts

  3. So, I’ve read both of the other reviews also. From Naomi’s I am thinking this class is not a beginner’s class (I never bought it as I can already make A-Line skirts from my own drafted pattern). Question should I get this class. Naomi mentioned a number of positives.

  4. Awesome review. I love hearing your thoughts on the class. I KNOW! (about her sewing over the pins!)

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