Dollar Tree? For Gifts? Who Knew?

Gift cookiesI have a bad habit of signing up for newsletters out of curiosity, and then getting inbox overwhelm. Today, it’s not such a bad thing. I found something I can pass on to my readers.

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First surprise of the day, Dollar Tree has an online store. I guess I always assumed that there wasn’t an online retail market for cheap knick knacks. Second surprise? I was wrong. Dollar Tree isn’t all cheap knick knacks. They have some really great quality items. And coming in at #3, they ship. Am I glad I read the newsletter before I went out in the snowstorm!

Here’s a sample of the items I found on their site…

I suppose I will have to put down the internet and email, and face the cold at some point—at least to get the real mail.

Happy shopping!


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  1. The first time I entered a dollar tree was whilst on vacation in Sacramento. It was seriously impressive. It was the last weekend before Christmas. we walked in the door, product was scattered all over the floor. When we got back to the front of the store about 20 minutes later, it was all cleaned up and merchandised!
    Eventually we got several stores here, but not near as impressive lol then when I was working at the schools, part of my job was to chaperone students whilst they worked at the dollar tree. Sometimes they have awesome deals and sometimes just pure crap. Lol right now I’m drinking out of an anchor hocking glass that was $1.00 but the same glass in a set of 4 at Target was $17.99 on the other hand they sell thin rough toilet paper for $1.00 per roll, but you can go next door and buy a twelve pack for $4.99. The irony is, people will buy that t.p. by the cart full!
    It’s always a treasure hunt when shopping at dollar tree!

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