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Fabric Fabric Everywhere and Nary a Stitch to Sew!
Oh, Pho the love of … Pho

Greetings fellow sewing enthusiasts, as promised, I’m back to review that 2nd fabric we discussed last week.

If you remember, recently I had the opportunity to receive free fabric in exchange for an honest review.

The company https://www.lafinchfabrics.com/ sent two yards of two different fabrics.

Today’s Review is a Liverpool knit. See last week’s post for the review on the Rayon Spandex Knit.

From the website:

San Juan Liverpool Knit


Content: 96% Poly /4% Spandex

Width: 58/60

Description: This gorgeous knit has a medium weight and crepe like texture. 4 way stretch and excellent recovery! This knit is ideal for a dress, pencil leggings, and tops!

Machine wash gentle cycle.


“Liverpool”, doesn’t that just bring images of four long haired young men crossing the street in a crosswalk in England? NO? Just how young are you?    Okay, here’s a hint:


Still nothing?  Okay, we’ll just Let it Be.

This Liverpool knit didn’t just hit the market Yesterday, and since it was delivered via UPS in a cute little package (see last week’s post for photos) I didn’t have to travel the Long and Winding Road to pick it up.

When the fabric arrived, I said Get Back! this is a stable knit! A stable knit simply means that when it stretches, it returns to shape, unlike that old sweater that you’ve worn on a Hard Day’s Night and it won’t return to shape until after it’s washed and blocked. Yeah, like any of us actually do that!  Anyway, Because this fabric is ideal for leggings, I decided to make leggings! What a concept!  Pssssst, Do You Want to Know a Secret? If you go to the Pattern for Pirates Sewing PDF Pattern Group Facebook page, and join that little group, there is a promo code for a FREE Leggings pattern Arrrgg matey, they be called Peg-Legs.


As advertised, the Liverpool knit has a crepe like texture and as I ran my hand over the fabric Here, There and Everywhere I realized oh you sweet little fabric, You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me! Then I let out a Shout! I’m Sure to Fall in Love with You!

There’s a place

A day in the life

Like Dreamers Do, I quickly cut out and taped the PDF pattern, finishing just as the phone rang. It was Hubby, I told him all about this newest project and he said When I Get Home, I’d really like to see this fabric! But for now, Tell Me What You See! I said I see selfish sewing on the horizon, it is I, Me, Mine!  He replied: And I Love Her! When he arrived home, I said ain’t she beautiful? He agreed, Yes, It Is. That is, until he touched it, I Should Have Known Better! This Mother Nature’s Son with his magnificent Money earning hands snagged the fabric! I yelled Honey Don’t! But it was too late.  The snag wasn’t bad, hardly noticeable in fact, it’s not like Fixing a Hole or anything.  So the selfish sewing was out the window. But, I thought, I can still get this fabric review completed With a Little Help from My Friends, or better yet my Daughter. All I’ve Got to Do is get DD (Dear Daughter)’s measurement’s, and meet with her for a photo shoot! Hubby said Woman, You Know What to Do!

DD’s measurements in hand, I told Hubby You Won’t See Me for a while, and I set out to serge the Peg-Legs. The fabric was almost like working with a woven. Just a dream to stitch.  They seemed to Come Together rather quickly. So quickly in fact, Hubby said How Do You Do It?  I said it’s not a Magical Mystery Tour, just sewing!

Getting Better all the time

Since I still had plenty of time and leftover Liverpool knit, I choose to make the GrandLoveBug a matching set of leggings, but this time I used a pattern from Little Finch Patterns called Chillax. Those leggings flew together so fast I told Hubby to Run For Your Life!  Hubby retorted Slow Down! With more leftover Liverpool knit, I was certain one more garment could be made for GrandLoveBug, but felt the print was just too overpowering.

Leftover yardage

So I thought, We Can Work it Out, and used a raglan t-shirt pattern from Nap Time Creations using the print just for the sleeves and a solid for the bodice.

They don’t call them Chillax bottoms for nothing!

The morning of the photo shoot, my Nephew and his Fiancé surprised us with a visit from what feels like Across the Universe, although it’s only about 300 miles. Still that makes him quite a Day Tripper!  At breakfast that morning we were All Together Now and everyone had finished saying Good Morning Good Morning when hubby said Hello Little Girl and I presented the Peg-Legs to DD saying This is From Us to You. DD said Ain’t She Sweet and my Nephew said Your Mother Should Know, Baby It’s You.  The Fiancé exclaimed your mother is awesome, She Loves You a lot! DD replied, Can’t Buy Me Love, but these leggings are so comfortable, I want to wear them 8 Days a Week!

At breakfast, there was a Taste of Honey in my tea, which gave me the boost I needed for the photo shoot in the park. As we loaded up into the car DD said Lend Me Your Comb, I said I didn’t have one with me and she said, That’s All Right Mama, that’s alright with me.

At the park, the GrandLoveBug felt Free as a Bird, but I told her I Want to Hold Your Hand, my little Child of Nature!

She complied until she saw a Something and ran over to a wild dandelion Oh My Soul what a sweet Little Child!

Child of Nature

My Daughter and Granddaughter Goodbye!

After the photo shoot was complete we all said Goodbye.

The End.

God Bless and keep that machine oiled!




DD said the Liverpool knit was thick and comfortable so when she wears them it feels more like pants, but still has the cozy comfort of leggings.


How many Beetle songs did you sing?





Fabric Fabric Everywhere and Nary a Stitch to Sew!
Oh, Pho the love of … Pho


  1. I’m not that old, I’m not that old, I’m not tha… I’ll keep telling myself that until I believe it. Nice leggings, by the way.

    • Yeah, I’m not that old either, more of the McCartney and Wings generation, but it surprised me just how many of the Beetle songs I actually knew!

  2. What and awesome idea of project to make with such a colorful fabric! Very fun post!

  3. Those are super cute. I bet the texture is a lot of fun too 🙂

  4. Want this fabric at a discount?

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