Canada 150 — It’s in the Bag

We’ve just launched a week-long blog tour featuring all-Canadian bag pattern designers and suppliers. It all starts on Emmaline Bags this morning and continues for the next 6 days with 10 bloggers.

Like what you see?

And there are giveaways everywhere you look, from coast to coast. Join the celebration of Canada in handcrafted bags.

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Canadian bloggers


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  1. Excited to learn about different designers and even more excited about the prizes!!!!

  2. Looks like a great blog tour!

  3. Looking forward to reading all the upcoming blogs. Great line up.

  4. Enjoyed your post on the rayon spandex fabric from LAFinch fabrics.

  5. Rose Lefler says:

    What an awesome contest. The chance to get to know new designers and win great prizes. What could be better!!!!!

  6. Tish Leupen says:

    I love a good birthday party and a great contest! My birthday is this week and Happy 150 to Can🎂🍾🎇🎉🎁🎈🇨🇦

  7. Barb Barber says:

    Already know some of these great designers and looking forward to learning about the others. And of course the prizes!

  8. Great contest, I enjoyed your post on using the rayon spandex from LAFinch Fabrics.

  9. Thank you for organizing a ‘tour’ it should be fun!

  10. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Monique Atkinson says:

    This sounds like so much fun

  12. Looking forward to visiting all the designers blogs.

  13. How exciting! Thank you ladies for showing our true Canadian spirit!

  14. Melissa Layman says:

    Happy Birthday, Canada! Thanks to all of the sponsors and blog owners for arranging such a fun blog hop!

  15. Love finding new blogs to visit and what better way than with a blog tour.

  16. lynn zukowski says:

    It’s so refreshing to have a Canadian contest, and to celebrate Canada’s birthday- rather than always reading about our neighbours down south (not to take anything away from them) – but it’s wonderful to visit our Canadian designers and read about their inspiration.

  17. Happy Birthday Canada, what a great tour to celebrate a gorgeous country. =)

  18. MoeWest says:

    Looks like a great blog tour with new blogs for me to explore.

  19. Cindy Henderson says:

    Looking forward to following the tour.

  20. Beth Peterson says:

    Happy birthday Canada! Your giveaway is delicious – hope my name comes up as a winner! 🙂

  21. Sweet! I will check out the whole tour.

  22. Gwenna Doty says:

    Loving finding all these new blogs!!

  23. Looks like a great tour!

  24. This looks like it will be an awesome blog tour! I am Canadian and I am very interested in making bags. Thanks!

  25. Blog hops are the best. I always learn so much and most of all I find and learn about all sorts of new talented bloggers.

  26. Sew Happy for this blog tour, I’m a newbie at bag making, I needed a creative break from quilting and became Obsessed with making bags lol

  27. Great blog hop contest.

  28. this blog looks like sew much fun! Happy to find it.

  29. Looking forward to seeing some great designs and ideas!!!

  30. This sounds like a fabulous line up!

  31. Looking forward to this!

  32. Elizabeth Dicrescenzo says:

    Looking forward to meeting many new (to me) Canadian designers and bloggers.

  33. I love reading your blog posts. 🙂 💚

  34. Great Blog…

  35. Annette Tipper says:

    Very cool blog! Interesting about the scissors and paper experiments, though I won’t spread it around. With my luck my good scissors would go missing

  36. What a fun tour. What a great blog! Love finding new sewing blogs!!! Thanks.

  37. Tanya Jankosky says:

    Love reading this, thank you!

  38. Rebecca K. says:

    I’ve always used my “good” scissors to cut paper too and they seem just fine. Also, they’re not really expensive “good” scissors but they are fantastic!

  39. Debbie Rogowski says:

    I love this blog hop, I get to see all new designers in one space 🙂 Happy Birthday Canada!

  40. I loved you blog. Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. Nice blog tour, will enjoy meeting new to me designers!

  42. I am really enjoying the blog posts!!! And thank you to the sponsors for such fantastic prizes!!!

  43. Georgina Stone says:

    enjoying the tour

  44. Kristina A. says:

    Loved reading your blog! Looking forward to reading the others that are participating in the tour as well!

  45. Robin Riley says:

    Happy Birthday Canada, from Tennessee! I really enjoy all the Canadian designers I follow, so it is nice to meet some more. I especially enjoy Emmaline Bags for her patterns and hardware. This blog is new to me and I enjoyed your post on sewing shears, though I plan to keep mine to myself!

  46. What a cool blog tour!!

  47. Marg Gutland says:

    Look like a great blog tour

  48. madebynomesau says:

    I’m really looking forward to the blog tour, because I already enjoy some of the Cannuck patterns I’ve purchased, and this will showcase more to me I hope!


  49. this is a great blog tour/hop … love that it is canadian

  50. nice canadian blog hop … those bags are so nice

  51. Love the idea of a canadian blog hop – maybe I might even find time to make a bag or two

  52. Kim Peters says:

    I have never made a bag. Looks interesting. Enjoying the tour.

  53. jeanie beers says:

    So wonderful that you are offering these wonderful prizes! We thank you….Me…I can’t wait to get back into creating new bags!

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