Canada 150 — In the Bag: It’s a Wrap!

Canada 150 — In the Bag: Popping the Cork
Canada 150 — In the Bag: Winners

We may be the nice quiet neighbours, but we know how to throw a good party!

I’m still half in the bag today, so forgive me if I slur my words as I thank our sponsors, our bloggers, and you, our die-hard party people. Thank you all for coming out and making this a special celebration. (I really did slur my words as I typed that. Thank goodness for the delete key!)

Back in the old days when we walked 10 miles never, my friends and I used to get together the day after a good party for a thorough debriefing. We rehashed and relived all the highlights of the night before to make sure we hadn’t dreamt the whole thing. Today, we invite you to take a look back through the posts and learn a little about our beautiful country, as well as some amusing Canadianisms. While you’re there, be sure you’ve entered all 11 giveaways. We’d be disappointed if you were to miss out on one of them.

Remember that we have two exclusive discounts that will end tomorrow, so if you wanted any designer fabric from Tangled Blossoms Design or bag hardware from Bringberry, now is the time to go shopping.

Our 10 hosts have been just tickled that you were able to make it and we hope you had as good a time as we did. As this is the 6th day of partying, we need to throw you out now so we can get ready for Fête National (formerly St-Jean Baptiste Day) here in Quebec, and Canada Day in a few weeks. Drain those glasses, stumble on home and rest up for our next blog party. Thank you for coming.

Bottoms Up!!



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PS. Canadians don’t stand in line. We stand in a line-up.

PPS. Come back next week to find out who won all those prizes.


Canadian bloggers


Check out each blog quickly before the exclusive giveaways end.

Tour Discounts

  • 10% off!
    Tangled Blossoms Design
    is offering 10% off anything in stock for the duration of the tour. Offer expires June 10, 2017. Use discount code HAPPYBIRTHDAYCANADA

Tour Stops

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June 4

Emmaline Bags

June 5

Tangled Blossoms Design  With Love in Every Stitch  Happy Okapi

June 6

Michelle’s Creations  Barabooboo  Soca Sewing

June 7

Glitter in my Coffee  Michelle’s Creations  Seam of my Pants

June 8

Seam of my Pants  Creative Roots Sewing  Happy Okapi

June 9

Seam of my Pants

June 10

Giveaway ends at midnight EDT (North America)

July 1


Giveaway Prizes

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* Jewellery is the Canadian spelling.


Canada 150 — In the Bag: Popping the Cork
Canada 150 — In the Bag: Winners


  1. Thanks for all the great ideas, intros to designers, bag makers, and bloggers. I enjoyed all the posts with my morning coffee.

  2. Great blog tour! Loved it all!

  3. I have looked forward to and enjoyed everyday of the blog tour. The projects were fabulous, blog posts were entertaining and informational and I enjoyed learning about our creative designers. Thank you!

  4. Super Blog Tour, well done posts and i learned a few tips along the way, discovered new to me bloggers, and a bunch of interesting facts about our wonderful country. Thanks so much for all the hard work everyone did.

  5. Jenni L. says:

    Great blog tour, a lot of good ideas and information! Thanks!

  6. Great blog tour! <3

  7. What a great giveaway!!!!

  8. Cathy W says:

    First time visiting your blog, thanks!

  9. Brenda M says:

    Thank You to all the Hosts and Sponsors

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