Canada 150 — Ooh-La-La

Canada 150 — It's in the Bag
Canada 150 — In the Bag: Popping the Cork

Welcome to my stop on the Canada 150 – In the Bag tour

I am so grateful that Marsha lets me guest post on her blog once again.

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I’ve just returned to Canada after spending two beautiful summer months in Australia, of which, two weeks were spending on a South Pacific islands cruise. Then Marsha messaged me to see if I would like to participate in the “Canada 150 – In the Bag” blog tour.  “Yes!” was my resounding answer.  Then reality hits! What was I thinking??  My sewing room is still in renovation mode, so the rest of the house is well a mess…But how could I say no??  It is Canada’s 150th birthday after all, and I’m always up for a good challenge.  Also, this gives me a chance to finally use my new sewing machine which hubby got for me last October, and try my hand at simple quilting.

I travel for a good 2 – 3 months every year, so the Ooh La La Jewellery Bag from Among Brenda’s Quilts was a perfect fit. I mean, a lot of people will tell you, leave your bijoux at home when traveling, and bring just a few necessary pieces.  But I ask you ladies, what about the extra pieces you’ll buy abroad? Where will you store them? Anyway, which piece of jewellery is necessary? They all are.

Before I start, I have to tell you, Brenda gives the best customer service, as soon as she was informed that I was making her bag, we exchanged email conversations.  She asked questions about me, I read up about her and goodness gracious, we have quite a lot in common.  Then 2 days after, an Ooh La La Bag kit arrived.  She chose a gorgeous herbal green zipper, together with the antique brass snaps. Now it’s up to me to go and find the right fabric combination.

Ooh La La kit

Ooh La La Bag Kit


Ooh La La Fabric and Tools


I chose my fabrics to compliment the zipper colour: the Canadian prints, which have beavers, train, numerous Canadian symbols and names of provinces as well as territories – Canada’s 150th birthday bash; and being in Quebec, a small little tribute to the French heritage with the Salon Fleur with the Paris prints.







Ooh La La instructions

I love Brenda’s instructions; they were clear and very easy to follow, with pictures too. This particular bag pattern also gives you the option of quilting the front of the bag if you wanted to, and I wanted to desperately.  Why? Because the last time I did any quilting I was in 8th grade, and have been longing to try it again.

This bag is simply easy, effortless to cut, can be done very quickly if you use a rotary cutter and a self-healing cutting mat with all the grids and measurements.





I’ve sewn with vinyl before but never the clear ones, and I was very happy with the result.  I find using the Teflon foot, and to be sure I also had a small piece of scotch tape stuck to the bottom of the foot helped move the fabric/vinyl along.

Clear Vinyl

Clear Vinyl pocket










Attaching the snap fasteners was so much fun.  I got quite some “angst” out of my system hahaha.  I think my pooches and kitties weren’t too thrilled with me hammering away though.  I was very pleased with the result.


Snap Fasteners on earring and rings holder

The quilting was the highlight for me.  It was so easy, though my lines weren’t too well measured at some places, it turned out better than I expected.  I believe I will start doing a bit more quilting now that I’ve tried it again.

OohLaLa Quilting


Overall, I think my lux travel Ooh La La Jewellery bag is not too bad, eh!? I skipped the decorative yo-yo because I have so many brooches & pins that I could use for every different trip.  Anyway, I just had to “show-off” my newly acquired quilting skill *wink*

Ooh La La Inside 1

OohLaLa Inside 1


Ooh La La 2

Ooh La La Inside


Ooh La La Final

Ooh La La Outside


I’m so glad that the desire to keep her jewellery organized while traveling, Brenda has come up with this design, so now I too, can organized my jewellery while traveling.  I think everyone should check out Among Brenda’s Quilt, there are so many fabulous designs, and supplies.

So long!


P.S. There is a copy of the Ooh La La Bag pattern plus hardware to one of the lucky readers who comments on this post.  Good luck or as we say here in Québec “Bonne Chance!” xoxo

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Canada 150 — It's in the Bag
Canada 150 — In the Bag: Popping the Cork


  1. Line Vienneau says:

    Love the name! Enjoyed reading your post.

  2. I love this design! All the pockets are so handy, and it offers a chance to show off fun fabric inside and out. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  3. carolyn montgomery says:

    i love your bag and the canadian fabrics are so cute, wish we could get them in texas shops.

  4. Gorgeous jewelry bag. Hmm, I love to buy things when I travel. Maybe I need a travel jewelry bag.

  5. This is on my wish list of patterns to purchase of things to make! Yours is lovely.

  6. MoeWest says:

    Your jewellery bag is looking good!

  7. I too find a Teflon foot essential at times!

  8. Ooooh love how your jewelry bag turned out! The outside fabric is gorgeous ❤️

    • Nicky Khang says:

      Thank you. The outside fabric was just perfect for the travel theme with the stamps and postcard prints and Paris was the perfect ode to the French heritage here in Quebec 🙂

  9. Love your jewellery bag and the pretty fabrics! Great pattern!

  10. Sheila Hlushak says:

    Thanks for the “Bonne Chance!” I love this bag, it looks to be a very handy and useful one to have.

  11. ooolala eh! Lovely bag and great blog post!

  12. Love the jewelry organizer. I am guilty of using baggies so this would be a good solution.

  13. Thanks for the great blog. I will be looking at Amng Brenda’s Quilting

  14. Megan smith says:

    Thank you for the chance! Fingers crossed

  15. I think the jewellery case would also be a great bag to carry applique supplies.

  16. Love the bag! Looks perfect for travel.

  17. Glad to have you guest post again, Nicky.

  18. Nice tip about the scotch tape under the teflon foot. Thanks

  19. Nice bag. Thanks for posting.

  20. Thanks for this idea. Personally I dont travel much or have much jewellery either so I would have to repurpose its use. 🙂 Hope this posts this time as I have been having trouble posting so far.

    • Nicky Khang says:

      Judy, this bag can have so many uses. Storing make-up, haberdashery: instead of using the mesh to hold earrings, you can use felt to keep your needles, the zippered pockets can be used to keep buttons etc. oh I think ideas are starting to flow out of my head now LOL

  21. So beautiful!!!! Lovely job, and so great to be able to spend timd in Australia!!!! Lucky you.

    • Nicky Khang says:

      Thank you. Yes, I’m very blessed with being able to go back and forth to Australia.

  22. Georgina Stone says:

    Love the bag. . . lots of uses.

  23. Your choice of fabric is perfect. I really must make this bag!!! That’s for showing us that is is possible for a beginner sewist and quilter. Thank you

    • Nicky Khang says:

      Thanks Donna. Yes I am a novice when it comes to bag making and quilting, I figured if I can do it, anyone can.

  24. Lisa Thibault says:

    Love your bag and your fabrics! What a great travel bag.

  25. Kathy Koehler says:

    Beautiful bag!

  26. Thanks Nicky – lovely job!

  27. Great post / bag. The travel bag would be great when traveling in our RV.

  28. Thanks for showcasing your jewellry case. I have used other of Brenda’s patterns and they are well written.

  29. What a gorgeous bag. And I need to plan a Canada Trip!

  30. Cheryl Ripley says:

    This is such great idea to have this Blog Tour! Brenda’s patterns are the best!!!

  31. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Jenni L. says:

    Nice job with the quilting. I like that you didn’t cross all of the lines, it makes it very interesting visually 😀

  33. Melissa Layman says:

    Beautiful jewellery case! I have been wanting one for when I travel, this design is lovely!

  34. That is a nice jewellery bag.

  35. Janice Beitz says:

    I love sewing travel accessories to keep me organized away from home

  36. Love the bag and I think I will have to make it. It will be indispensable on my travels

    • Nicky Khang says:

      Thank you. Mine will definitely be a part of my travels now. I’ve already organize my traveling jewellery pieces in there LOL.

  37. Charlene G says:

    Love this jewelry bag, thanks for sharing. I’m enjoying this blog hop, so many beautiful creations. Amazing giveaway also!

    • Thank you for joining us, Charlene!

    • Nicky Khang says:

      Hi Charlene,
      Thank you, this bag is so easy to make, Brenda from Among Brenda’s Quilts did a great job in designing it. So glad that you enjoyed the blog tour and like this post 😉

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