Canada Cups — Unwired Tour

Hey! Wash Where You're Going!
Canada Cups — Going Bralettes

They’ve been taking selfies in their knickers again. Yes, those crazy Canadians are back at it, but this time they’re going soft-core. 😉

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That’s right! We’re unwired and we’re showing off self-supporting soft cup patterns from all Canadian designers. Mmm-hmmm! We left out those little pokey bits that always seem to escape from their holders and stab you in the ribs and armpits. Yes, you know the ones. Not one underwire is to be found on this tour!

Ten bloggers working together on lingerie for 3 months ends up being something like a pyjama party, without the pillow fights and nail polish.

We sewed, we cursed (with our inside voices), we joked and wrote about all the fun we had making our own bralettes, camisoles, soft-cup bras and nighties. I think I can speak for everyone on the tour when I say we’re sorry we forgot to mail your invitations to the pre-party party. But you are all invited to the week-long celebration of all things soft and silky.

Forgive me while I interject my own sad story here. I had planned to be part of the shenanigans and make something supersexy and hot-hot-hot! But then my model bailed on me so I thought I’d make something comfy for myself. After several days of chasing the elusive fabric around my cutting table, I realized I would never be done on time. (Like that would surprise anyone but me!) At the moment, I have the Kate Camisole from Ohhh Lulu and the Jalie 3131 Bra and Camisole with all their notions piled on the edge of my dining table. It’s all good. I don’t need that end of the table anyway.

In preparation for all this work that I didn’t do, I did dive into some Craftsy classes that I thought would be helpful. And they would have been if I’d stopped watching and got to cutting that creeping crepe, or finally faced my fear of knits.

I’ll just sneak them in here and share my Top 5 Classes for making lingerie:

So back to the tour… We have a really exciting week planned, in which some of these ladies come close to baring all — all of their dress forms and mannequins, that is. Only a couple of them were saucy enough to model their sexy lingerie for you. You’ll have to stick around all week to find out which ones put out.


But that’s not everything! At the end of the tour, we have a giveaway of sweet and spicy prizes from our amazingly generous sponsors. You’ll find the giveaway on Michelle’s Creations when she wraps up the party on Saturday. Meanwhile, check out these prizes:

Please join us in thanking and supporting the sponsors who made this tour possible (or at least much more attractive!)

Tour Discounts

  • Funky Monkey Fabrics is offering a 10% discount for the duration of the tour. Use code: CC10 for 10% off store wide until October 22nd. Not valid on already discounted full bolts.
  • 20% discount storewide at Fabric Please. Use code CANADACUPS.
  • 10% discount from Central Sewing Machines. Orders must be mailed to Muriel @ to have the discount applied manually.
  • 10% discount from Midnight Mountain Fabrics. Use code CANADACUPS10
  • Free shipping on orders over $100 from Club Tissus. Use code livraison100
  • Edited to add: Libelle Sewing is offering 10% off any order of $15 or more. Use code CANADACUPS


That’s all for my rambling. So, grab a glass of something sinful, tuck your feet under and enjoy the tour with me!


Marsha Law Sig2

PS. Spoiler: The sponsors are the ones that put out.

PPS. Visit the Canadian Directory of sewing and craft suppliers


Tour Schedule

Hang with us as we reveal our inner secrets. 😉 

Canada Cups Tour 2017
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  • Giveaway winners announced on all the blogs:

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Hey! Wash Where You're Going!
Canada Cups — Going Bralettes


  1. Yay! Really looking forward to this! Perfect timing since my daughter hates wires! 🙂

  2. Deborah Lovegrove says:

    I wish I had seen this earlier. I would like to have gone to these events. Where are you located? Are there going to be any more sewing events like this in the future? Please keep me in the loop. Thanks

    • We have 2 or 3 blog tours per year. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed the tour. Only the crazy bloggers have been involved up to now. The whole event starts today!

  3. How did I miss being involved? Can’t wait to read what you all were up to

  4. Commenting for the exciting and totally awesome giveaway. Thanks

  5. Di Temperton says:

    What marvellous things you have brought us in the 2017 Canada cups

  6. What an amazing collection of sewing skills! 🙂

  7. It’s too bad it didn’t pan out for you, but the tour held up to our expectations. See what I did there? 😉

  8. I’ve really enjoyed this tour and found several more canadian designers and fabric suppliers! Now i just need more time!

  9. Loved the tour

  10. Anne Johnson says:

    An informative and interesting blog tour.

  11. Love the blooper reel. Because sewing always involves bloopers.

  12. Diane Harold says:

    Enjoyed the tour!

  13. Enjoyed your tour, even though I am “south of the border”, we all need comfortable bras! Thank you for your time and effort!

  14. Loved the tour it has motivated me to pull out my Sweet 16 pattern and get started

  15. Angela Smith says:

    Yay, another great lingerie tour

  16. fun! haven’t tried soft cups yet since my girls need all the support they can get 😉
    but i bookmarked the new craftsy bralette class so it could happen sooner than later!

  17. Naomi Russell says:

    Great job Marsha! Thank you

  18. Tracy McCain says:

    Discovered you for the first time through the “Canada Cups 2017” tour, and am looking forward to following your future adventures! I can never have too many blogs to read 🙂

  19. I really enjoyed the wire-free theme this year! I’ve been experimenting with more supportive wire-free bras lately, and it’s been fun so far.

  20. Diane McMartin says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, and the wireless theme!

  21. The tour has been really enjoyable and inspiring!

  22. ParisGrrl says:

    Loving this whole event!

  23. Just love this amazing tour…thanks so much.

  24. Brooke Church says:

    Beautiful bralette!

  25. I’m so happy I found this blog tour! An unwired bra is on my ‘need to sew now list’. I heard about this in the Jalie Facebook group.

  26. Véronique says:

    Great job !

  27. Another great tour, as usual! Thank you!

  28. Love sewing panties!

  29. Heather Stewart says:

    So fun to see such a variety of Canadian designs and bloggers – thank you!

  30. This is super exciting! I have yet to make a bra and some of these are patterns I have been looking at

  31. Johanne-Julie Lapierre says:

    Great tour, love to see others creations.

  32. Great tour, good job girls !

  33. I’ll have to check out Alison Smith’s bra letter class on Craftsy! I like the idea of a brake the in theory but I’d like to make one that flatters my “I nursed three babies and now I’m a grandma” boobs.

    • OMG, Amelia! Your autocorrect did a number on you. Teehee. But anyway, stop worrying about your Grandma Boobs. They deserve to be comfortable after all that work. 😉

  34. I am loving all the beautiful things you have made, shared tips, and the oops seamripped hole in fabric. I am just attemting to work on Ohh Luu Anna crossover bra top. I want to see if I have mastered my foe technique. Thank you.

  35. Those booboo provided the best entertainment.

  36. Great blog tour! I’m inspired to delve into lingerie sewing.

  37. Oh wow all the possibilities! This will probably be one of my next project!

  38. Caroline Boudreault grenier says:


  39. I need to make more of my own lingerie! Very cool.

  40. I’ve had the Sweet 16 pattern and the supplies to make it for a while, just haven’t got around to it. I’m hoping the blog tour will motivate me to get started.

  41. Stephanie Walter says:

    So glad you have done this – I so enjoy hearing and seeing other’s work – Thank you

  42. Thank you, this was so much fun!!!

  43. I’ve quite enjoyed all the making… And how we all have it go not perfect sometimes.

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