Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Everything in Between

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If you were awake during the first half of 2016 and read anything deeper than your cereal box, you probably came across an article or editorial about the benefits of spending your money on experiences instead of things. And this is the season for spending money!

It seems everybody and their gramps, from Land’s End to John O’Groats, is having Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on things, even if they’re not having Thanksgiving turkey. I’d be out of my mind (more than usual) to try and list every sale that’s landed in my email box this week.

I’m only sharing specials on classes and courses, because learning and doing are healthier than accumulating. Most of us already have too much stuff/stash/hoard to climb over so I’ma try to fill your heads with knowledge and skills instead.


  • No shipping charges
  • Available worldwide
  • Watch them in your jammies
  • No “peopling” for the shy and introverted
  • No gas/fuel/petrol burned
  • No risk of catching your classmates’ winter colds

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Subscription based. Arts, business, software, design, etc. in mostly bite-sized chunks. Huge variety.

Deal: Two (2) free months for new subscribers. Cancel anytime.
Learn on Skillshare



Subscription based. Individual classes available for purchase. Arts, crafts, & sewing. Library of courses is smaller than the others, but they have high-quality instructors. Black Friday Deal includes a 30% off coupon to JoAnn.

Deal: New members (and former members) get 3 months of Creativebug for just $1. Current members get credit for one extra class to keep forever.



Buy classes à la carte., the largest destination for online courses, is offering courses normally valued at over $200 for just $10 USD each ($15 CAD). This Black Friday, buy something you can feel great about on Udemy.

Deal: Black Friday Sale 2017-$10 USD or $15 CAD



Buy classes à la carte. Or try the new subscription model free for two weeks. This is Craftsy’s biggest sale of the year with exciting deals all weekend long.

Deal: $17.87 USD ($23.28 CAD) or less on all classes.


Personal Faves

See some of my other favourites here.

Cooking with Cast Iron (Craftsy)


Sew a Hobo Bag (CreativeBug)


Tap Pants (Creative Bug)


Express Corset Making (Corset Training)


Startup Library: Hand Embroidery (Craftsy)


Sew a Weekender Bag (Creative Bug)


Bag Design Workshop (Creative Bug)


Design Your Own Handbag (Craftsy)


Art Therapy Parts 1 & 2 (Udemy)


Vietnamese Classics: Pho, Noodles and Beyond (Craftsy)

More about this class here.


I hope you love some of these classes as much as I do.

I’m not suggesting you go cold turkey on buying stuff. Oh no! On the contrary, stuff is fun, especially if it’s fabric or chocolate. But while you’re out/online buying pretty things, be sure to throw a few experiences into your basket too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the holiday! Happy Shopping Weekend to everyone else!


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PS. Visit the Canadian Directory of Sewing and Craft Businesses


Global Tour with ChrisW Designs -- Docked
Global Tour with ChrisW Designs -- Winners

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