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ChrisW Global Bag Tour
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Everything in Between

Good News!

The big giveaway of exciting sponsored prizes is now open! Skip to the entry below right away, or you could keep reading for another chance to win a pattern for you and a friend.

Bad News

This world cruise is over. Please make sure you have all your personal belongings, and disembark in an orderly fashion using the starboard gangplank.

Other News

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Hard to believe the week of ChrisW Designs Global Blog Tour is over. We’ve been around the world with some of the most sexy luggage to ever ride a carousel . The best part of this trip is that we didn’t need passports or life vests. Come to think of it, that’s the second best part. The best part is that some lucky people will be getting prizes in their mail/email.


First, let’s recap where we’ve been in the most serpentine fashion possible. Michelle and Lisa sent love from Canada with Serendipity Hip and The Epiphany. The USA was well represented by Maryanna, the Marvelous Auntie M, with a lovely quilted Snazzy Slouch, Rachel with a Brandt’s Boulevard wallet, Janet and Judith showing off Fiona’s Freeway and Gizmo Garage, respectively, and Trisha’s hack of the classic Sugar & Spice.

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I think we may have found every bag-maker or potential bag-maker in Belgium. We’re glad that Anne, Ilse and Nadine put down the chocolate long enough to join our tour with their versions of Evelyn, City Slicker, Bella II and Genevieve. Almost in their backyards, we had Miranda and her Savannah making an appearance in Netherlands. Across the way was Vicky rolling by on Ellen’s Esplanade. Rounding out Europe, we had Vanessa and Stephanie making Spain more beautiful with a Full Moon (Lunar Collection) and an Uptown Girl.

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There was a ton of really outstanding sewing and writing talent on this tour. I had the sneak peek photos, but every day as I read the posts, my jaw dropped at the exquisite creations. Makes me glad I decided not to sew a bag. I’d still be buried in my fabric selection and I would have missed all this wonder.

Almost every one of the bloggers mentioned the abundance of pockets in ChrisW designs. Well Chris went above and beyond to create this pocket supplement so you can add more pockets to any pattern you have. Is this piece of deliciousness genius or what? (And don’t miss Coco, the free pattern!)


Now that we’re back here in Canada with me, I’m noticing we didn’t quite make it all the way around the world. We got hung up in North America and Europe. Maybe next time we can make some new friends from all the other continents, and non-continental nations. That would be so cool to really do an epic world cruise.

(Let me think on that a bit because it sure was a challenge coordinating 17 people in 8 time zones. There was always someone sleeping through the meetings! )

Thanks Giving

It’s almost Thanksgiving weekend in the US, but let’s just make every day an International Thanks Giving Day. (Or at least just today.)

ChrisW Designs (Christine Welsh), thank you so much for providing the inspiration and patterns for this tour. And my deepest gratitude to my sewing buddy/friend/co-organizer/blogging-partner-in-crime Michelle. I had so many lol moments in conversations with you two.


Thanks to all the sponsors who kindly donated prizes for the giveaway and offered discounts to our readers. You all rock mightily!
Got Interfacing?, Hawthorne Threads, Handbag Hardware Australia (aff link), MM Cork Supply, Sew Sweetness, Emmaline Bags, Gold Star Tool, Zipit (aff link), Fat Quarter ShopBobbin Girl


And a great big thank you to all the bloggers who brought the patterns to life and who made the tour fun to organize. Let’s do it again soon! How about next year? 😉


(The part you’ve all been waiting for!)

I have a pair of ChrisW patterns (winner’s choice) to give away to one reader and a friend. And there will be nothing random about the selection process. You have to work a little for this one.

Comment below with the first name of a friend, and share what makes that friend special and why you think they deserve a free pattern. Yes, I want you to give a shout out to someone you admire. I will choose the response I think is best overall (funny, touching, brave…) You may enter as many times as you like with different friends and stories. (Do not make sh*t up! This is not a creative writing contest!) This giveaway ends at midnight November 22 EST.

Once you’re finished, keep scrolling down to enter the giveaway for the big prizes. It is now open for entries and will stay open for 3 days. Good Luck!

And don’t forget to go back and check out the other blog posts that you might have missed. All the bloggers had patterns to give away and some of them still have their draws open.

Most of all, thank all of you dear readers who spent a week helping us haul our luggage to and fro. We’re all so glad you made it for the trip. See you next time!


Marsha Law Sig2

PS. We’re not going to visit Marvelous Auntie M on her boat. Turns out she’s gone to cold, snowy Colorado for winter, and that just. won’t. do!

PPS. The fun doesn’t have to end here. Join the ChrisW Designs Facebook Group for more inspiring photos and occasional silliness.

PPPS. I’m thinking of going on a hunger strike until I get Belgian waffles and chocolate. I’ll give out my mailing address to anyone who asks. Just sayin’.


Tour Discounts

  • ChrisW Designs is taking 20% off all patterns until end of day (Australian Central Standard Time) November 21. Code GlobalBlogTour17 (applied automatically with this link. Buy without fear: If you purchase during the tour and then win a pattern, your purchase price will be refunded.
  • Handbag Hardware Australia (aff link) is offering a 10% discount for the duration of the tour. Use code: CWD10. (Excludes interfacing and Emmaline Bling.)
  • Bobbin Girl has a 10% discount using code BLOGTOUR17. (Not to be combined with any other discount or rewards points.)
  • Gold Star Tool is taking 15% off for our tour readers. Use code chriswdesigns.
  • Zipit (aff link) is also offering a 10% discount on shop items. Use code ChrisWDesigns.



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Tour Schedule 

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Sunday, November 12

Monday, November 13

Tuesday, November 14

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Saturday, November 18

Tuesday, November 21

  • Giveaway winners announced on all the blogs:

ChrisW Blog, Glitter in my Coffee, Michelle’s CreationsFlying by the Seam of my Pants, Serial Bagmakers, Tiger in a TornadoVanaehsa, Judith Stitches and More, Doctora Botones, Sewsewilse, Suck It Up Buttercup, Vicky Myers Creations, Marvelous Auntie M, inspinration, Fée bricolo, Trisha’s Craft Corner

ChrisW Global Bag Tour
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Everything in Between


  1. Lisa Thibault says:

    Thanks for the chance to be a part of an another awesome blog tour Marsha! Everyone’s bags were so gorgeous – lots of inspiration.

  2. Gwen! aka, my mom 🙂 She is just starting to sew again. She used to sew alllll the time when I was little – but practical things we needed. and now (after watching me sew for years) she is just starting her just for fun sewing journey and literally every week she is sending me a text about different purse patterns and wallet patterns! She wants to sew a new purse for herself soooo badly – she’d love a free pattern I’m sure! and then I can pick a wallet pattern for myself and make her a wallet for her christmas prezzie lol

  3. Randi Lenet says:

    My friend Ruth deserves a free pattern – she is wonderfully creative and so giving of her time and knowledge to those around her. Never says no to a request for help.

  4. sewncreations says:

    I’d like to share with my granddaughter Karsyn who is learning to sew. I;m trying to pass my love of sewing ont her and she is very creative.

  5. My sister, Gina, sees and sells her items to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. So I think she deserves a free pattern to help this cause. Thanks!

  6. Mandy Sieger says:

    My mom! She used to sew when she was in high school. Her family didn’t have a lot of money so she would sew herself some clothes to wear. When I was in 5th grade my mom tried to teach me to sew a pair of MC Hammer pants. Needless to say I wasn’t the best student not was she the best teacher so I never finished those pants. Haha Many years later I did pick sewing up and I got my mom sewing again by making her take a quilting class with me 8 years ago.

  7. Carol Spring says:

    Patty taught myself and many others how to make bags for the Ujamaa Grandmas – a Stephen Lewis Foundation Charity ( We raise money for the Grandmas who are raising the orphans of the AIDS pandemic in sub-Sahara Africa.
    Patty makes wonderful bags and devotes lots of time and energy for the group. This past year she set up a bag making group she called the Bag-ettes and each month we tackled making a new bag. Maybe this next year we should tackle a Chris W Design – hint, hint.

  8. Thanks for the great blog hop! I found so many new blogs I would never have discovered otherwise 🙂
    I have been making bags for about 15 months now. I am trying to spread the love of bagmaking to my sewing buddies – my mom and my sister. Mom has made quite a few totes but that is the extent of her bag making abilities. My sister has now made three bag related projects; all with a lot of assistance. Two were totes and the other was a desktop cubby/cube. (I walked her through installing her first zip. It was exciting! 🤗) I would have to decide whether to keep one pattern or gift them both. Mom and sister both have the skill set needed, they just need a great pattern that will guide them through the process.

  9. Carol Spring says:

    Jean is another member of the Bag-ettes of Ujamaa Grandmas.This past year she made many, many wallets, messenger bags and even a diaper bag for the annual Bags, Babies and Beyond Sale. She likes themed fabric so super heroes and cowgirls graced her bags.

  10. Carol Spring says:

    Cheryl rocks the Ujamaa Grandma Bag-ette group, especially now that she has agreed to be the Custodian for the Purses and Bag section of our October – Bags, Babies and Beyond Sale. As Custodian she will collect and price all the bags we make throughout the year and then set them up for the sale. We, of course, will all provide help and helpful comments (oh so many comments…..)

  11. Carol Spring says:

    Julie is also a Bag-ette. What makes her especially special is that she likes flower prints. She uses these flower prints to make beautiful floral bags. This works out very well for me since I am not very fond of flower prints and when a bag of donated fabric comes our way and gets set out on the table, I know that we will not be fighting over the same piece of material. Win, win and we like to win.

  12. Carol Spring says:

    Kathleen for the past several years has been Treasurer for the entire Ujamaa Grandma group. The group has raised over $1million in the past 10 years so being Treasurer comes with a lot of responsibility. She deserves a new pattern for all her hard work. Then she can show off her new bag to the rest of the Bag-ettes because she too is a great bag maker.

  13. My daughter Tasha, she recently sewed her first bag, and had an Epiphany as to why I love bag making.

  14. Karen Leverton says:

    My daughter Ashlee because she deserves a fun patten to make.

  15. Chris Bevan says:

    I would love to win the pattern for my friend Karen who got me into sewing 15 months ago, and then insisted on giving me back the beautiful sewing cabinet that was my mum’s, and that I had given her because “I would never use it!”

    She’s been going through a tough time at work so would be lovely to give her a shout out and a thank you

  16. Frankie, my mother-in-law. She always offers to help with least-favorite tasks like pressing or seam ripping, or entertains the kids so I can have sewing time. I learned how to sew when I was a kid, but she was the one to help launch me into sewing as an adult when she held my hand through the making of a bridesmaid dress, including my first ever zipper installation. She makes beautiful things herself, too!

  17. says:

    My friend Kari deserves a free pattern. A young nurse working 2 weeks in and 2 weeks out at a camp, on her off days she is learning to sew. She is game to try almost anything with guidance . She has done several very basic bags and is ready for the next step.

  18. says:

    My friend Cheryl…she’s been sewing with me for 30 years. I taught her to sew for her then infant daughter. She is now a grandma and is sewing bags for her 4 grandaughters…and her one grandson. She is just getting going on making appropriate bags for them.

  19. Mary Lou Wu says:

    Anna, my very dear friend who took up sewing this year. She is the glue that keeps all of the friendships together, planning get-togethers and celebrations and sending cards just to let you know she’s thinking about you. We don’t live close by anymore, but she keeps the friendship fires burning. I miss her!

  20. My mom Nancy. For always being there to 4 crazy kids and teaching each one of us to do what you love and be the best you can be. She was always sewing for us and upcycling so the next kid could get some use with our clothing. I shamelessly remember telling her I didn’t want homemade clothes anymore, I wanted to go to the mall like everyone else. It wasn’t until I was older did I realize how special those homemade clothes were. Now we are making purses together. Even the ones I don’t go a great job on, she carries with pride. I love you Mom. <3

  21. Thank you for the chance to be a part of this tour and for being the master organizer of all of us! I had a lot of fun deciding what I could do to a bag to make it extra special 🙂

  22. As much as I adore sewing and petting fabric, I have absolutely no “real-in-life” friends who sew! Because of this, I find friends on line and on social media who enjoy the same craft. Lonely ol’ me spends so much time in my sewing room creating such beautiful (opinion) projects that I am able to share with my non-sewing friends. They do enjoy them and I get the greatest pleasure making them and seeing their faces light up when received. If I’m chosen, I’d like you to give an extra pattern to anyone you choose…someone who loves to sew as much as me!

  23. Clearly my friend LaQueta. Her manner of describing her sewing challenges is hilarious including assembling an item upside down or inside out etc. Not good when you focus on creating one of kind heirloom items! I can see her creating amazing handbags for her daughter, but the first pattern would have to be given to her. Truly she gives and gives yet expects nothing in return. She is always encouraging others (meaning me) to do what best suits them. Yes we have very different tastes when it comes to sewing projects!!!

  24. My roommate Terry, who is always there to support me.

  25. Cynthia Allen says:

    Me, because with 5 kids and about 30 minutes a day to sew (when I’m very lucky!) it would be nice to win something like this 🙂

  26. My friend and cousin Bridget is an amazing fabric artist. She is so talented and has an eye for color. She is a kind and giving soul and always thinking, and sewing for others. She has had some significant losses recently and deserves a bit of recognition for the wonderful person she is.
    Thank you

  27. Lisette Leveille says:

    Me and my sister Guylaine, as we been sewing and quilting a number of bags for the past few years.

  28. Mom, or Shelley to everyone else. She used to be a seamstress, and loved it, and actually tried to open her own shop. But, I came along and she “had to get a ‘real’ job” to support me because she wasn’t making enough. She spent most of her life working for state as an aid to people who were mentally handicapped. I’m sure she would have rather been sewing but didn’t have time between work and taking care of me. She stoked my interest in sewing and now that she is retired I am hoping I can get her back into it so we can share something we both love!

  29. I have a frien Dorothy who just had her second child-her husband bought her a sewing machine last Christmas and she’s learning to use it.i think that she could make a bag or two and that accomplishment would be great for her! Everyone starts somewhere on their road to greatness in sewing!

  30. Holly Dapore says:

    My mom. She is super helpful with our son with severe autism, and he loves her and taking rides in the car with Grandma. Also, my mom because I remember her sewing many things when I was little…Barbie clothes, doll clothes, my own clothes, book bags, so many awesome Halloween costumes, pajamas, and other things I’m not remembering. I am even wearing a dress she made which had a dainty collar on my first year baby portrait! Even though she was not the one to teach me to sew (I did not become interested until I was married and had moved away), I think she is proud that I enjoy it so much.

  31. I have finally gotten my sister Kathy to enjoy my addiction of sewing. I tend to love the bright bold colors and she stays safe with soft combos. When we are done we produce some great products and always love to try new things! It is my little sis that i would love to share this gift with. <3

  32. Caitlyn is learning to sew and just had a baby 🙂 Id love to gift her a new Bag Pattern! Thank You for the chance!

  33. Luann Frazier says:

    Karen, my friend since high school, who is a hard working farmer lady, has finally been taking time out of her busy schedule to start sewing and quilting again. Over 40 years have passed since she returned to sewing and quilting. After a busy day of taking care of her farm, doing the farm chores, and making sure that there is a hot supper on the table when her husband comes home from working at his business, she will slip downstairs to her newly created sewing room, sew until midnight or 1 AM, then fall into bed, get up early the next morning and start that routine all over again. I think both Karen and I would enjoy to win.
    I have been sewing since I was a child. My grandmother, who was a seamstress in a bridal salon, taught me to sew when I was I was 8 years old. Now retired due to cancer, I am finally back to sewing, hoping to make unique items to sell to supplement my income. It would be a blessing to win this giveaway.

  34. My friend Trina. She loves to sew like I do and it’s always fun to have someone share the same passion you have.

  35. My fellow bagineer Lynne. We share ideas, notions, inspiration, and general enabling back and forth.

  36. Victoria Harris says:

    My cousin and friend, Stephanie, is currently in hour 43 of labour trying to welcome her son into this world. At only 25, she is an amazing stepmom to two lovely scallywags and is always crafting and sewing them costumes to play in. Despite being younger than me by 15 years, she has always encouraged me with my sewing and made me Sew Jealous of hers! I’m currently trying to make her some baby clothes, but I doubt very much that they will be anything as good as she makes.

    Hey ho, and I’m off to see if she’s managed to finish crafting herself a baby yet!

  37. I would give a free pattern to one of my Bag-ettes members. We are a small ,but mighty, group of women who sew bags to raise funds for African grandmothers through the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. Our parent group, UJAMAA GRANDMAS, has sent over $1,000,000 to the foundation in the last 10 years. Every one of the Bag-ettes is dedicated and talented and generous; each one deserves applause —- and a free pattern. : )

  38. Marti Zieg says:

    The name of the friend I pick is Ruth. She is not only my friend but my sister and only sibling. Mom taught us both to sew and we share all of our ideas with each other. The main reason I pick her is because she takes care of our 94 year old father. He is in a motorized wheelchair, lives in independent living (really should be in assisted living – but we cannot find one that is nice) Dad is starting to have dementia issues and suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. She handles all the hiring of help, fixing things in his apartment that he ‘fixes’, taking him to doctor appointments, etc. If anyone deserves a pattern it is Ruth. <3

  39. My sister Georganne. She’s a great seamstress and an all around fiber artist. She stepped.beyond her comfort level this past two weeks. She came for a visit, and spent the entire two weeks helping me fill purse orders! She was pulling fabrics, ironing, cutting, making button holes. She even made two purses for herself while I finished up my sewing!

  40. My co-worker, Shawnna wants to learn how to sew. She’s inherited a sewing machine and is taking sewing lessons. She has purchased a purse from me and I’d like to help her sew a purse for herself.

  41. My long time bestie Melody deserves a free pattern. She recently re started sewing last year. Would be fun to surprise her.

  42. Tanya jankosky says:

    My Mom, Linda Scott. We Face Time and make Handbags together. We started with Bag of the Month Club and I can’t wat for early bird sign up!

  43. Glenda Toledo says:

    My first sewing teacher. My mother, Glenna, taught me to hand sew and sew on my grandmother’s treadle when I was six years old, I have been sewing since. My mom makes most of her traditional regalia and has been commissioned by others to make their traditional clothing. She inspires me to creative. Thanks for this opportunity to nominate my idol.

  44. Sandy Bark says:

    Myself and my Friend Jen her and I have been online friends for 6 years and have taught each other everything we know about bag making and quilting. Love the designs most of all from the Chris W Designs most of all the sites I have been on they make it so easy to understand and have great instructions to make it easier for newbies to make beautiful bags. Thank you for this opportunity!

  45. Belen Miguelez says:

    My sister-in-law Bea deserves a pattern. It’s great, take time out of where there is not enough to raise two children, and be aware of the whole family. In addition, after having lived in 7 houses in 2 years (between the USA, Germany, Spain) she needs a lot of bags to collect all the belongings that the family has (now the family is still separated, and my brother has to fly every weekend)

  46. Jamie Koblas says:

    My mother in law Linda has become one of my best friends over the years and is the one who bought me my first sewing machine taught me how to sew bags (I olnly had basic sewing skills). She has inspired my creativity over the years and has been the biggest fan of the bags and purses I have made. We have done a few projects over the years and she helped me make a tree skirt last year. Unfortunately she hasn’t sew anything since then. With the sudden loss of her son, my brother in law, she hasn’t found her way back to the sewing machine. I would love to be able to give her a fun new pattern that we could sew together and find time for the friendship that we have built over the years.

  47. Migdalia Rodriguez says:

    I would like to talk about my best friend, Lilly. I have known here for more than 20 years when we were neighbors and our children played together on the street. Lilly has taught me most of what I know about sewing and right now she is giving me the most valuable lesson on life. Although she’s battling Leukemia, every time I call her she is happy and giggling, grateful for the life she has lived and trusting in the Lord. I hope that she will be able to be victorious in her battle but if not I’m sure that the Lord will have a great place for my best friend, because He surely will enjoy to have her around.

  48. Tiffany Garces, my daughter. While in high school she had a baby girl during spring break her junior year. She maintained a 3.9 GPA, graduated a year early with full honors and a full academic scholarship to ASU. She got married to the father who joined the Marines, finished her B.A with honors in 3 years and had another little girl. She just finished her Masters degree with honors last week (online GCU) while being stationed in Florida away from family. While in Florida she had a little boy. She just got into sewing and does all her own diapers and has worked her way into clothing. I’m very proud of her hard work and determination. She is an amazing mom. (Turning 22 in January)

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