The Gift List

The last two weeks, I’ve been doing some half-hearted research on gifts that would make a sewist or fibre artist happy. Why was I doing it? How did it get me to do so many other jobs I’d been avoiding? And what has become of it?

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A holiday gift list is a smart thing to do at this time of year, isn’t it? Everyone is shopping their little hearts out and looking for inspiration. Lots of other bloggers are sharing lists of recommendations.

I told myself that I should do a list. It’s good for me to do a list. Well, those are two sure ways to make certain I don’t do something — “should” and “good for me”. And then I was trying to make myself buy into the holiday shopping hullabaloo.

But while I was unsuccessfully convincing myself to add to the myriad lists (albeit a tad late), my hands needed something to do. I sorted my receipts, cleaned up my sewing space, did some math (let’s not talk about that!), and even put on my yoga pants. I was on a roll!

In the middle of clearing out my email inbox this evening, I stopped to read the latest post from Oonaballoona. It was, of all things, a list! But it’s the best darned gift list I’ve seen this year. I’ll just leave it right there with you.

Current Sewing Gift List Status: Shelved until whenever.

During my half-assed research, I did find one must-see item that, well… Pig Butts Appliqué.


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PS. This is result of my “Under $30” personal sewing search. Help yourself to anything you like. And feel free to ask for my mailing address. 😉




  1. A list. Now that would have been a good idea.

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