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I did something idiotic (surprising no one). 18 months ago, when I was getting my corset ready for the First Annual Canada Cups Blog Tour, I poked around the internet looking for tidbits to fill in the gaps of my knowledge. When in doubt, gather more intel.

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One corsetry course (and reassurance from the Fairy Bra Mother) wasn’t enough to quell my fears of making such a complicated looking garment, so in addition to the two from Craftsy — Custom Corsets: Bones, Casings & Busks and Sewing Corsets: Essential Techniques — that I didn’t have to pay for, I ended up buying the Express Corset Making Course from Corset Training.

Ok, so I made that one corset for the blog tour, then got scared witless about cutting out another one. Insert several months of procrastination here and that brings us to last spring. My bestie, whose body should be a vice, asked me to make a corset for her. Despite my hating her guts for being drop-dead gorgeous, I was eager to make it. Then the intimidation happened. And what do I do when I’m in doubt? I gather more information.

I watched the two Craftsy classes again, twice each. Then I went searching the Interwebz for other courses and tutorials. I stumbled upon this video course called the Express Corset Making Course. I got all excited and wanted it! It turned out that I had just missed a 50% sale by a couple of hours. I followed Michelle’s advice and emailed the instructor/designer, Scarlett. What have I got to lose? I begged her to let me buy the course at the sale price. And I may or may not have tried to BS her about time zone differences or something.

Have you figured out the stupid part yet?

Scarlett felt sorry for my desperate state and “comped” me the class. That means it was complimentary (no charge). I downloaded my video and PDF files and went to organize them in my perfectly logical computer filing system. Click, click, click down through the folders. And as I clicked, my eyebrows started doing funny things — they raised, they scrunched, one side then the other, they lowered and both scrunched at the same time. And that was when my brain caught on. I already had a folder with the correct name, and it had video and pdf files in it.

Oh ffs! It was the same doggone course I’d bought the year before. Sigh! and a head smack! I emailed Scarlett, thanked her again, and confessed to being an idiot. We laughed, I cried… you get the point. But it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I helped her review and edit bits of the patterns she was overhauling, and she gave me the new patterns she had just designed.


Fast forward again to this week. Scarlett released a completely revised and updated video course and several patterns. Guess who got them. Yep! meeeee! So now I’ve put my entire to-sew list (all 4 years worth) on hold again while I go play with new patterns. I haven’t finished watching the course because… cats! Every time I start the video, something cute and furry decides it’s a good time to nap on my laptop and open every program with its butt. But I loved it before and it only got better.

Yes, there are some wonky production issues like inconsistent sound levels and a bit of echoing. If you can get past that, it’s really a good learning tool.

Another admission: I didn’t make the original versions of Scarlett’s patterns because they were one size and I would have had to do all the grading myself, and that wasn’t going to happen. At least not until I stop being frightened of busks and boning.

The most exciting news is that these new patterns have multiple sizes. I’m sure one of them will fit over my back fat. First thing tomorrow I’m going to be printing and taping and… I’ll probably not get any further than that because I would need a nap. Anyway, however long it takes me is however long it will take me.


What I really want to tell you after that long story is that corsetry is a whole lot easier than I make it sound. I can be such a drama queen sometimes. If you’re able to sew straight lines and slight curves, you’re golden! I highly recommend giving it a shot. The hardest part will be choosing the right grommets and tools. (Ask me about my grommet buying fiasco one day.)

And to make it a little more enticing, Scarlett is offering a 20% discount to all my readers until February 14. Yes, she’s showing you all some Valentine love. If you’ve ever thought about sewing your own corset, go to her shop right now and use the Seam of my Pants exclusive code SEAMLOVE20 at checkout.

These are my favourite patterns so far. I can’t wait to make them! I already have my fabric and supplies ready. I saved some of my ex’s silk ties and I want to make a corset out of them. Maybe I’ll throw in some matching boyshorts panties with the leftovers. (Boyshorts drafting class is here.)

One of those is free. Did you find it?

I hope someone out there will join me as I jump into this corsetry world for the third time — even though it feels like the first. If you sew faster than I do, you’ll have it done in time for Valentine’s Day.

And I hope having something super sexy in my closet for spring will help me feel better about the back fat thing, and the misfortune of having a hot bestie. In any case, I swear I will not buy any more online classes in duplicate. You know… been there, done that!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Marsha Law Sig2

PS. Visit the Canadian Directory of Sewing and Craft Businesses

PPS. Corset making is way easier than you might imagine.



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  1. The updated course sounds great, and multi-sized patterns even better. I’m not going to think any thoughts at all about you buying a duplicate course. I have to double check now before I buy a pattern to make sure I don’t already have it.

  2. These are stunning. I have always been so fascinated with how they look. My mother had talked to me about versions of these that they wore when she was young. I would love to one day be able to wear one because they are as much feminine as they are classy and sexy.

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