Jeans Demystified

For the last 4 or 5 years, Craftsy has been my go-to place for learning sewing and crafting. But still, I like to sample someone else’s goodies every now and then. So when I got wind of a new online learning platform, Craft University Online (or CraftU), I had to go there. You know I […]

The Great Canadian Craftsy Bag Tour

Welcome to the beautiful city of Montreal. Bienvenue à Montréal, la plus belle ville du monde, in my opinion. (I didn’t need a translator to write that, in case you were wondering.) We’re kicking off a whirlwind road trip across our great country, and if you hang with us all the way to the end, there […]

Crafting vs. Aging — Month 1

I concede defeat for January. It looks like my aging body won this round. Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with a whole bunch of new health issues, which means I haven’t been home very much to play with my fabrics and sewing machine. So no English Paper Piecing quilt happened. But since quilting was the task […]

Crafting vs Aging: Challenge… Accepted!

No doubt you’ve read, or at least heard of, myriad studies on how learning something new or doing something creative affects mental health, energy, aging, etc… If you get your kicks from reading academic research papers, by all means, go ahead and look up scholarly articles on neuronal plasticity. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you […]