The Gift List

The last two weeks, I’ve been doing some half-hearted research on gifts that would make a sewist or fibre artist happy. Why was I doing it? How did it get me to do so many other jobs I’d been avoiding? And what has become of it? A holiday gift list is a smart thing to […]

Blogger Burnout — It’s Real

That day when you wake up and tell yourself you should write a blog post today, but… You realize that you have more drafts waiting for photos than you have actual published posts. You hear an inner voice saying, Ugh! I don’t have the energy to deal with photo editing, HTML, SEO, monetization… I just […]

Bob Ross, the “Painting Man” and Happy Little Trees.

Greeting Artsy Enthusiasts! No sewing today, just art. In previous posts, I mentioned my 3 year old GrandLoveBug, Zelda. This is not only about my 3 y.o.grandchild but also about her “Painting Man” as she calls him, Bob Ross. Join us in seeing an icon through a child’s eyes. A little background, this 3 year […]

Feature: Camelot Fabrics (or The Road to King Arthur’s Court)

Take a long journey with me. I promise I will eventually get to the point. Or past it — whatever! A Detour or Two Going back a few months… When Reece from Happy Okapi invited me to get involved with this Canada Day 2016 blog hop, the intention was for me to showcase a pattern from […]

Lost in Translation: Filet de Tissu and Others

In case you haven’t heard, my sewing room is currently overrun by orphaned cats waiting for their medical records and new homes. Until I can evict the cute little furries with a clear conscience there’s no sewing going on at my place. And that leaves me time… You’ve heard the expression, “Idle hands are the […]

Moving Fairies

The past 6 months have been chaotic, to say the least. But for the last two, I’ve taken moving paralysis to a whole new level. And that is not a good thing. Especially not for a writer and artist. I have been cowering behind a tower of moving boxes and hoping that the day I […]