Corset Sewing with Scarlett and a Sweet Valentine Treat

I did something idiotic (surprising no one). 18 months ago, when I was getting my corset ready for the First Annual Canada Cups Blog Tour, I poked around the internet looking for tidbits to fill in the gaps of my knowledge. When in doubt, gather more intel. One corsetry course (and reassurance from the Fairy […]

Fancy Pants & Giveaway — Sis Boom Pattern

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” (Alan Lakein, Ben Franklin, Churchill, Bob’s grandmother… I dunno who really said it first, but there it is!) And frankly, I don’t buy it. It’s spontaneity that leads to adventures and discoveries. What exactly does this have to do with sewing, holidays and the Sis Boom pattern company? Hang […]

Pattern Tester Fail

A sewing friend on the other side of the continent just told me she applied to be a tester for some pattern designers, and that reminded me… It was about, oh, 18 months ago, I got it into my head that I would like to test a pattern. So I joined a pattern testing group […]