Global Tour with ChrisW Designs — Winners

Mind Blown! Wow, WOw, WOW!! When I asked my dear readers to nominate a friend to win a pattern, I had no idea you guys would make it so <bleep>ing hard for me to choose. I had to take an extra day to deliberate. There were at least 10 of you I wanted to give […]

Global Tour with ChrisW Designs — Docked

Good News! The big giveaway of exciting sponsored prizes is now open! Skip to the entry below right away, or you could keep reading for another chance to win a pattern for you and a friend. Bad News This world cruise is over. Please make sure you have all your personal belongings, and disembark in […]

Moving Fairies

The past 6 months have been chaotic, to say the least. But for the last two, I’ve taken moving paralysis to a whole new level. And that is not a good thing. Especially not for a writer and artist. I have been cowering behind a tower of moving boxes and hoping that the day I […]