How to Not Make a Needle Case

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A month ago, I joined/co-hosted a sew-along for the Bionic Needle Organizer Wallet and before I knew what was happening, I was ink deep in toner.

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This whole thing started with the fact that this needle case, an add-on pattern for the Bionic Gear Bag Notions Tote, requires that I use “freezer paper“. I suspect this thing is contraband and not allowed to cross the Quebec borders. How else can one explain why I can’t find it any grocery store — large or small — or any of the big-box department stores?

bionic-needle-organizer-walletThe instructions also suggest I can use one of the other great tutorials on the interwebs for transferring a design unto fabric — every single one of which requires that I print with an inkjet printer. So…

  • Bought inkjet transfer paper.
  • Inkjet printer has an error I can’t find online.
  • Tried to print it on my ex’s laser printer.
  • Spent a week cleaning melted plastic out of his printer and hoping he wouldn’t notice. (He did notice I was at his house a lot.)
  • Gave the transfer paper to my friend to print on her inkjet.
  • Her printer ran out of ink.
  • Her hubby refused to pay the outrageous price for replacement ink and got a (gasp!) laser printer.
  • I grab some embroidery thread, regular Sharpies and Sharpie pens.
  • 3 days later, I end up with this:


So I gave up on that project and turned my attention to the next sew along. This time it was for the Needle Holder Project Pouch. I really loved the way this one looked, and the instructions were pretty good too. It even comes with a video tutorial on YouTube.

needle-holder-project-pouchFrom all accounts of the people who made it during the sew-along, consensus is that it turned out great! Of course, I wouldn’t know because, well, more shit happened along the way; not the least of which was that I still didn’t have an inkjet printer, and freezer paper is still nowhere to be found in Quebec. (I was not going to pay more than $20 to have it shipped to a Walmart store near me. I’d rather take a road trip to Ontario or New York State.)

The results: both sew-alongs bombed from my end. The Bionic Needle Organizer has joined other scraps and fabric discards as stuffing for cat beds, and the Needle Holder Project Pouch is sitting in a fresh bin of UFOs (unfinished objects). And, I’m still using a magnifying glass and reading glasses to figure out which needle to put in the machine.

Is it any wonder I need to see my optometrist this week?

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PS. Although it’s pretty fugly, I finally just bought this one from Amazon. Enough with the UFOs already!

In Canada:

In the USA:



Canada Cups Winners Announced & New Giveaway
Maple Skirt — Jacked & Hacked, but Still Gracious


  1. That is just not fun! I hate when projects don’t work out. (Hugs!) Let’s plan something fun to make!

  2. Becky Cordell says:

    Freezer paper is a white paper used like butcher paper. One side is waxed to help prevent freezer burn of meat.

    • Thanks. I know just what it is. And I know where it’s likely to be on the shelves in any store. If I can find aluminum foil and cling wrap, freezer paper should be right next to then. But I’ve scoured the stores in the Montreal area and nothing! Nada! Rien!

  3. Stephanie Baldwin says:

    Yet another reason why you need to join the MMQG… we could have saved you all this trouble. 😉

    Stacy from Craft de Ville (here in MTL) sells it in nice 8.5″x11″ packs, perfect for putting through the printer. I use them all the time!

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